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Live Locally, Grow Globally – For the development of education/research of Osaka University and nurturing competent individuals for the future –

Shojiro Nishio(President, Osaka University)
Ever since its foundation in 1931 as an imperial university, Osaka University has always valued the aspiration of its founding President Hantaro Nagaoka, “Always be creative. Find your own path.”. Maintaining the roots inherited from Kaitokudo and Tekijuku of the Edo period, we have been enhancing academic excellence based on the integration of a progressive spirit and intellect, and developing researches that are pioneering and creative. With those as the background, in our more than 80 years of history we have turned out numerous highly capable individuals who are actively taking central roles as a leader in international scenes of various fields, not to mention achieving distinguished academic/research results.

The founding of Osaka Imperial University was driven by the unanimous support and enthusiasm from the business, government and political sectors of Osaka, as well as the strong desire and cooperation from the people of Osaka City and Prefecture. In other words, being that nearly all the land, buildings and funds required for the university foundation were either donated from the locals or offered by private sectors, one could say it was a university that was “founded by the community of Osaka for the sake of contributing to the development of Japan from Osaka.”

As expressed by the motto of Osaka University, “Live locally, Grow Globally,” a quote of the 11th University President Yuichi Yamamura, we consider it our primary mission to turn out competent individuals who will look at the world and be active globally by educating students who can contribute to research, science and society across the world. We aspire to grow strongly towards this goal. At the same time, we will continue to be a university that has roots in its local Osaka, with eyes turned to Osaka at all times.

Furthermore, we will endeavor to enhance our education/research in order for Osaka University to respond to the challenges of the new era and meet the needs of the society by inheriting the intellectual assets and human capital gained through our more than 80 years of history while gazing into the future in 50 years, 100 years and beyond.

When considering the future of Osaka University, it is essential to strengthen its long term stable financial foundation and enhance its funds. Starting with our alumni, as well as faculties, private individuals, corporations and organizations, we thank you in advance for your warm support and cooperation to our Osaka University Foundation for the Future.

Shojiro Nishio
President, Osaka University

Activity status on Osaka University Foundation for the Future

  • Report on income and expenditure of Osaka University Foundation for the Future
  • Report on income and expenditure of Osaka University Foundation for the Future
  • Thank you for your constant and tremendous understanding and cooperation towards Osaka University Foundation for the Future. Upon providing you a report on the status of income and expenditure of the Foundation, We would like to thank all of you who have given us your support.

    The total income of the Foundation was 5,548,012,479 yen. This includes the amount incorporated from university internal funds as well as over 25,000 donations from all of you who have kindly offered your support. Total expenditure was 1,608,925,658 yen. Project expenditures such as payment of scholarships were approximately 391.28 million yen, project expenditures with specified purposes such as educational research projects in various departments were roughly 1,195.64 million yen, and appropriation to operational expenses was 21.99 million yen. Consequently, the balance as of the end of March 2019 was 3,939,086,821 yen.

    Osaka University Foundation for the Future will vitalize its activities even further in our effort to support the aim of Osaka University to nurture competent individuals who would “Live Locally, Grow Globally.” To this end, we will push forward with our approaches towards getting as many as possible of our members of alumni, wide range of local people and corporations to embrace the missions of our Foundation and to support us. The donations will be used for nurturing competent individuals such as in aiding young researchers, supporting students taking on the challenge of studying overseas, and rewarding students personally working hard.

    We humbly ask each and every one of you for your continued cooperation.

    Please allow us to offer our gratitude in advance for your understanding on the goal of this Foundation, and for your continued support.

Report on income and expenditure of Osaka University Foundation for the Future

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