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Live Locally, Grow Globally: for the Development of Education and Research at Osaka University and Nurturing Global Leaders for the Future

Ever since its foundation in 1931 as an imperial university, Osaka University has always valued the aspiration of its founding President NAGAOKA Hantaro, who said, “Do not imitate others. Forge your own path.” Inheriting this message and the roots of Kaitokudo and Tekijuku, we have pursued academic excellence based on the progressive spirit and fusion of knowledge, as well as pioneering and creative research. Built on this foundation, we celebrated Osaka University’s 90th anniversary and Osaka University of Foreign Studies’ 100th Anniversary in 2021. Throughout our history, we have produced ground-breaking academic and research results, and nurtured countless, highly-skilled individuals who have become global leaders in their respective fields.

Osaka Imperial University’s foundation was driven by the unanimous support and passion from the business, government, and political sectors of Osaka, as well as the strong desire and cooperation from the citizens of Osaka City and Prefecture. In other words, being that nearly all the land, buildings, and funds required for the university’s establishment were either donated from the local community or offered by private sectors, one could say that the university was founded by the Osaka community to contribute to Japan’s development.

As expressed through the motto of Osaka University, “Live Locally, Grow Globally,” by the 11th University President YAMAMURA Yuichi, our primary mission is to promote world-leading research and academic pursuits, and to nurture individuals who are motivated to contribute to society and have an international outlook, while remaining a university rooted in Osaka.

Furthermore, we aim to be a university that offers education and research that responds to the challenges of the new era and meets the needs of society by inheriting the knowledge and individual skills gained through our 90 years of history for the next 50 years, 100 years, and beyond.

When considering the future of Osaka University, it is essential to strengthen a long-term, stable financial foundation and enhance its funds. Our alumni, as well as Osaka University Staff, individuals, corporations, and organizations, we look forward to your warm support and contributions to Osaka University Foundation for the Future.

NISHIO Shojiro
President, Osaka University

Activity Status of Osaka University Foundation for the Future

  • Total amount of donation reached 13 billion yen.
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  • Thank you for your constant and tremendous contributions towards Osaka University Foundation for the Future. Upon providing a report on the status of income and expenditure of the Foundation from its establishment (May 2009) to the end of March 2024, we would like to thank all of you who have given us your support.

    The total income of the Foundation was 13,195.80 million yen, with donation of 12,957.11 million yen and investment income of 238.69 million yen.
    The total expenditure was 7,679.92 million yen. Expenditure for Osaka University Foundation for the Future was 7,561.44 million yen, and appropriation to operational expenses was 118.48 million yen. Consequently, the balance as of the end of March 2024 was 5,515.88 million yen.

    Osaka University Foundation for the Future has been supported by many people, including our alumni, members of the local community, and corporations to embrace the mission of the Foundation.
    Once again, thank you for your continued support.

  Amount (JPY)
Income Donation 12,957,106,190
Investment Income 238,692,214
Subtotal 13,195,798,404
Expenditure for the Fund 7,561,444,166
Operational Expenses 118,478,117
Subtotal 7,679,922,283
Balance (31 March 2024) 5,515,876,121

(1 May 2009 – 31 March 2024)


How to Donate

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Receipts and tax exemptions (only for donors residing in Japan)

The date on the receipt will be the date on which Osaka University receives payment from the credit card company. Please note that it may take two to three months to issue a receipt after you make your donation. In addition, the date on the receipt will be the date on which Osaka University receives payment from the credit card company (NOT when the donation was made). For this reason, receipts for credit card donations made after 15 November of the current year (for recurring donations, from November onwards) will be issued with a date in the following year.

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